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Digital prints – A Sense of Place

To create these digital prints, I used a combination of my own photography, monotype prints and experimenting with the photocopier.

(LEFT)  The pink print is using a negative photo which was overlayered with an enlarged version of the photograph which was drawn as a monotype print. I got the distinctive pink from altering the print colour on the photocopier.

(MIDDLE) More photo is seen in this digital print, I’ve overlayered a very subtle monotype print which is also enlarged. I enhanced the colour of the print to a light red and kept the photograph in its original state.

(RIGHT) This is my favourite digital print, I’ve also overlayered a monotype print which isn’t as noticeable but has altered the state of the photo with the orange colour in the background. I changed the main colour of the photograph to a black when photocopying it to make the print more distinct in the background.


Monotype prints – A Sense of Place

The module theme was ‘A Sense of Place’. This gave me an opportunity to show off the landscape and what I love about North Wales. I drew mostly from my own photography of places I visit and where I live.

I drew these images in a trio because I thought that the drawings side by side would compliment each other in a sense that they should come in a set.

I also altered the colour of the paper when photocopying them to create a more exciting look, the green page for the monotypes of landscaped and natural settings, and the pink page of monotypes for the castles of North Wales.

Life drawing – Measured drawing

Euon Uglow was the inspiration for this session. We used his method of measure drawing in our life drawing session, which resulted in a almost perfect and accurate image of our life model.


FINAL PIECE 1final piece 3

Illustrating a song

The brief for this project was to pick a song of our choice and illustrate the lyrics in any way we like. My chosen song was Panic Room which had a variety of feelings and settings in the lyrics. I though this would be a  good opportunity to do  a set of different illustrations.  For this project, I only used Adobe Illustrator as my method of drawing.

(TOP)  I used a singular word for this illustration because I wanted the illustration and lyric to be just as important on the page as one another. I used a simple style of drawing which was creepy yet cute… this resulted in my monsters and ghosts peeking out the page.

(BOTTOM)  I tried to make the lyrics for this piece become literal by illustrating a child hiding under ‘goose down’, or a duvet. I got the impression of fear when a child is hiding under their duvet so I associated the dark and a ghost with this as combined it with a flash light.


Altered pages / Photoshop

This project involved creating altered pages with whatever materials we desired. For my piece, I’ve used pages from a bible where ive simple glued them on top of one another.

(LEFT)  For my first altered page, I’ve inserted a scan of one of my monotype prints for any affect I could make at the time. I used this on the side as some sort of cliff or structure, I also enlarged words from one of the Bible page for a visual effect. And lastly, to give the page a more eerie look, I used a paint splatter effect, in red.

(RIGHT)  Using  the same altered page, I blurred out the sentences of the Bible pages so they were no longer readable. I created some sort of a repetitive tunnel with the dark circle I had drawn around a singular word on the page, making a vortex on the word ‘dead’. I repeated this process and enlarged it on the page to make two visuals.


Live brief – Student design award; Penguin Books

There was a given choice of three books for this design brief, a non – fiction book, fiction book and a children’s book. For my project I chose the adult non – fiction book Norweigan Wood by Haruki Murakami.

The inspiration of my design comes mostly from the story line which is based in 1960’s Tokyo. I researched vintage Japanese pattern, print and wallpapers which I tried to recreate with my own bold spin. I kept the cover simple, clean and bold as was requested in the recommended appearance of the book.

Life drawing

(LEFT) The aim was to draw continuously in the same place on the paper while switching between colours and drawing tools; charcoal, pencil, biro and coloured drawing ink,  all while the life model was moving.

(RIGHT) Again the model was moving around the room but here we had to draw her every movement, and to try and catch everything she did, all onto one A1 sheet of paper. This was to be done in any drawing tool we wish, I chose charcoal because of the density and darkness it has on the drawing.


Sketchbook work


During our life drawing lessons, we had to keep up with our books as much as we could while in the lessons. To try and fill up my book I would draw the model in as many ways possible. Here I’ve done a large biro drawing and a mono-print.


It’s always important to document our lessons in our sketchbooks, show our progress of work and analyse and asses what we have done. I like to take photos of my work setting and variations of my work to show my scene and my own progress. To extend this, when I’ve finished my piece, I continue to draw the life model in my book as I’ve done on my A1 sheet.


To develop out skills on InDesign, we were given a magazine spread which spoke about Frida Kahlo, with this he had to recreate an exact replica but only using our own images and main text, also using the Lorem Ipsum dummy text to fill in the text space.


The idea was to draw a scattered collection of chairs piled on top of one another wrapped in sellotape and entangled with cords with lightbulbs. This was to be drawn on two A1 sheets together using charcoal, but as charcoal isn’t my favourite thing to draw with, I was allowed to draw in biro, just as long as I finished the whole thing… which I still haven’t, as I’ve used up 3 biros already.


MONOTYPE – developing my final piece

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A finally decision..


Talking about sense of place, I’ve come to my final idea of just simply Wales in general, its countrysides, the mountains, lake, the castles and other amazing features.

I chose monotype as the form of expressing my sense of place because i love more a freehand way of printing, i love working messy and i love working simple. I think monotype is the perfect way to do this and to show off the drawings i want to do.



The first set of drawings id done are just simple appreciations of the surroundings and views.

The second set are the local surrounding manors and castles; Penrhyn castle, plas NEWYDD and Beaumaris castle.

i think these are very effective ways showing off what i believe to be a sense of place because these are places where i feel really express home.

when id completed these i wanted to develop my idea further and experiment with the aesthetic of its look, i photocopied my prints and played around with the colour of the print and these two came out to be my favourite ones …


A sense of place; MONOPRINTS

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when I think of sense of place, a lot of things come to mind …..


These 5 things come to mind because these are where I find a sense of individuality, belong and of course, place.

To make these 5 factors fit into my work, I collected a lot of photos I’ve taken of my work, the beach, mountains, my house etc. and then thought about my own personal touch in the appearance of the prints themselves. Personally I like to work with line, continuous line and just messy line.

The outcomes

All the above drawings I’ve done here have come from a photograph I have taken my self by which I feel represents  sense of place to me. Most of the images ive used involve landscapes or an area by where I live that, such as one images shows the street behind my house, one shows the Menai Striaghts in Beaumaris, one shows the notorious ‘Milk Hill’ also near my house and the other is a photo taken at a festival I went to last year; basically representing my love for camping, music and festival life in general.

I really like the final results for my prints and the way they spoke for themselves, I think the images I’ve used really bring justice to my meaning of ‘sense of place’ and what it means to me,  as well as its appearance in general. By the way I used line and sometimes continuous line, I really brought character to the drawings and depth instead of having so much perfection in the way it looks.

When it came to bringing these images to life, we’d been asked to use these prints to create a digital print. The process of creating a digital print involves your print and another image yo would like to use, or just using the print you have already as its self. I’m unsure of the exact detail of the process but using a printer/photocopier, the print could be edited to change the colour of line and colour of white, to then be printed in your desired colours… also by copying one image at one end on the photocopier to then print onto the other photocopied print, so in result you have two images printed on top of one another,

These were my results.


I used two example images to photocopy over my prints which I thought brought them even more character than they already had. I played around with the use of colours when printing them but I specifically just chose my favourite colours because honestly, blue, red, green, orange and magenta are the best colours, and I was right with the results as you can see, they look really, really good.

Photoshop & Altered Pages.

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My first attempt at photoshop did take me all day to get the hang of, but the brief wasn’t as easy as it was set, to Creat 4 pieces from 4 separate altered pages we have creat by hand using any materials we would like. It was suggested to use as many as we could to creat textures, tones etc. But as the lazy person I am I kept it simple, like I always do with my work, to me simple looks are more affective than something that would come across as too in your face or has too much going on. This was one of my altered pages.My final results for my first altered pages became a morph of another altered page which was layered behind it, the second page was a collage of Bible pages. The top layer of writing was blurred out as apart of just experiment with appearance as well as duplicating and enlarging the the ‘dark’ circle. As the final piece started to come together I wanted to change it appearance up with colour and a deep red would collab well with its dark and eery image. Two colours obviously had to be used though when the final print was made, as the dark was too red but after that was saved, a more vibrant colour where all the text was visible would be more appropriate to print on.

Personally for my first time on photoshop it wasn’t my favourite, in comparison to Illustration. I felt like I didn’t have much freedom and skill as I did in illustration, I don’t really enjoy editing images as much as I like drawing them but I think I’ll maybe get the hang of it sooner or later 🙂

Yr 2, Monoprints

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General thoughts

As its my third year in college education and my second in my Level 3 art & design course, I’m really feeling the pressure. Basically a large majority of my friends have gone off to university to start their lives officially and probably go on to be successful when they leave. Being a year behind has really made me think that this year i need to push myself, i need to do the best I’ve ever done, and most defiantly better than i did in school, which wasn’t so great.

So this year, I’m hoping to make some amazing work and surprise myself, as well as the tutors. Over the summer, i really got a chance to draw a lot and do my own thing, as well as develop my drawing skills, and i want to perform this well in ALL my work and not slack in one course just because I’m doing better in one than the other.

So far so good..

I’ve shown what i can do in my Print making class and so far so good.. Monotype printing is a pretty straightforward process and can make some amazing images. The brief for my work was called ‘Sense of place’ , which we have to intemperate in out way.

My sense of place can mean a lot, it can be going to the beach, walking through the woods, it can also be home, where i love being, it also can mean being at parties, festivals raves and so on, it means I feel like I’m somewhere where i belong with other people who enjoy dancing and singing like i do.


A monotype print style that i found most effective to do was the method of reduction, this is where you rub into the ink thats on your pallet or plate, when rubbing into it, you can make it as subtle or promanant as you want, depending on how you want the outcome to look.  For my first image I’ve tried to create a woodland scene, only using kitchen tissue to rub into the plate and create my image… this was the outcome. I thought the rubbing down effect of the tissue has made the perfect look of lines for my trees and rubbing circles to make the bushes.


The second print i did, i tried to mimic a landscape or cliff in a very simple and effective way. I rubbed onto the plate quit hard with eh tissue to try and achieve a more  prominent print on the cliff itself, also applying to light rubs to try and get shadowed areas to show. I kept the sky itself black to get a contrast of light and dark on the landscape.