Yr 2, Monoprints

General thoughts

As its my third year in college education and my second in my Level 3 art & design course, I’m really feeling the pressure. Basically a large majority of my friends have gone off to university to start their lives officially and probably go on to be successful when they leave. Being a year behind has really made me think that this year i need to push myself, i need to do the best I’ve ever done, and most defiantly better than i did in school, which wasn’t so great.

So this year, I’m hoping to make some amazing work and surprise myself, as well as the tutors. Over the summer, i really got a chance to draw a lot and do my own thing, as well as develop my drawing skills, and i want to perform this well in ALL my work and not slack in one course just because I’m doing better in one than the other.

So far so good..

I’ve shown what i can do in my Print making class and so far so good.. Monotype printing is a pretty straightforward process and can make some amazing images. The brief for my work was called ‘Sense of place’ , which we have to intemperate in out way.

My sense of place can mean a lot, it can be going to the beach, walking through the woods, it can also be home, where i love being, it also can mean being at parties, festivals raves and so on, it means I feel like I’m somewhere where i belong with other people who enjoy dancing and singing like i do.


A monotype print style that i found most effective to do was the method of reduction, this is where you rub into the ink thats on your pallet or plate, when rubbing into it, you can make it as subtle or promanant as you want, depending on how you want the outcome to look. ¬†For my first image I’ve tried to create a woodland scene, only using kitchen tissue to rub into the plate and create my image… this was the outcome. I thought the rubbing down effect of the tissue has made the perfect look of lines for my trees and rubbing circles to make the bushes.


The second print i did, i tried to mimic a landscape or cliff in a very simple and effective way. I rubbed onto the plate quit hard with eh tissue to try and achieve a more  prominent print on the cliff itself, also applying to light rubs to try and get shadowed areas to show. I kept the sky itself black to get a contrast of light and dark on the landscape.